bring along

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w>bring along

vt sep
(= bring with one)mitbringen
References in classic literature ?
Those which I had purloined at Phutra we had not been able to bring along because their size precluded our concealing them within the skins of the Mahars which had brought us safely from the city.
On learning this, the new party had made haste, during the dispute about Flerov, to send some of their men in a sledge to clothe the stripped gentleman, and to bring along one of the intoxicated to the meeting.
Momaya drew herself to safety among the leafy branches and thanked the foresight which had prompted her to bring along the dried human ear which hung from a cord about her neck.
And, by the by, you must bring along Natalia Victorovna--you know, the Haldin girl.
The event, at Judges Hotel in Yarm, will offer guests the opportunity to hear from leading antiques expert Richard Edwards, from valuers and auctioneers Addisons of Barnard Castle, as well as the chance to bring along their own pieces to be valued following lunch.
It also comes with two power outlets and a Blu-ray player, making it possible for passengers to watch their favorite shows and films or even bring along a videogame console.
The latest initiative is the dog show, which we hope that everyone involved at the track is going to support and bring along family and friends to help make it a great success.
In an effort to keep little ones calm and relaxed, parents also can bring along items that feel comforting and familiar.
Dog owners can also bring along their canine companions for a free well-being check.
They also required that the applicants bring along some other clients in order "to benefit from the job offers at the company.
Les Wilson and myself managed to get some good variety names over the years and Stenty and I are still striving to bring along the best of the newer names along.
People taking part are asked to bring along old family photographs.