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adj. brin·i·er, brin·i·est
Of, relating to, or resembling brine; salty.
n. Chiefly British
The sea. Used with the.

brin′i·ness n.
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Noun1.brininess - the relative proportion of salt in a solution
saltiness - the property of containing salt (as a compound or in solution)
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Many purists prefer their oysters naked, with a squeeze of lemon juice or a dollop of hot sauce, but according toJulie Qiu, oyster sommelier, and featured speaker at the Blue Point Brewing Company's Boatyard Bash held last weekend in Asbury Park, NJ, an easy-to-make homemade Blueberry Mignonette can help balance out the brininess of the oyster and take advantage of the bounty of blueberries available at grocery stores and farmers markets alike.
The brininess of the Spanish grape matches the salty sheep's milk of the Spanish cheese.
Garganega from basaltic lava soils sings elderflower and almond; bright fruit yet underlying minerality and high acid to match the pungency of the basil-caper cream and the brininess of smoked salmon and seaweed," he notes.
A Sancerre's mineral quality and steely acidity should cut through the brininess of the meat.
Made in first fill American oak casks, this latest launch showcases a distinctively sweet and velvety flavor, reminiscent of the classic Speyside style, yet with a brininess commonly found in Islay malts, due to the distillery's proximity to the sea.
See generally Mark Hansen, It's Not Brininess As Usual: Oil
Begona Ahm, owner of the family-run brininess, started Karoma in 1992 and began exporting two years ago.
Oysters by themselves "get kind of heavy on the palate after a while, with all that richness and brininess and sweet glycogen kind of flavor," he said.