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Unlike traditional sardines, which are usually of the Brisling or Pacific species, Bela sardines are the much larger Portuguese sardine.
Ramon McHugh continued his goal scoring run with two goals; Kieran Brisling notched a hat-trick with Dom Clarke and Kieran Davidson also scoring.
75 oz) cans brisling sardines in water, drained 1 green bell pepper, cut into rings 1O cherry tomatoes, halved 2 Tbsp Parmesan cheese, grated
The latest additions, all naturally rich in omega 3 oils, include sild, similar to a small herring and brisling, which has a lightly smoked flavour, along with a larger 190g can packed with mackerel fillets.
Estonia was brisling with confidence some two years ago when a series of events reminded the country how fragile freedom is.