bristle grass

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Noun1.bristle grass - grasses of grasslands and woodlands having large gracefully arching spikes with long bristles beneath each spikelet
foxtail, foxtail grass - grasses of the genera Alopecurus and Setaria having dense silky or bristly brushlike flowering spikes
genus Setaria, Setaria - annual or perennial grasses of warm regions: bristlegrasses
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Setaria parviflora (Poir.) Kerguelen (Knot-root bristle grass; TAC 4930) is a native grass that occurs along stream banks and in disturbed areas throughout much of Texas (Diggs et al.
(2007, 50) mention that in Poland bristle grass seeds (genus Setaria) have been found more frequently than common millet, and this could indicate the cultivation of bristle grasses.
In Figures 1 and 2 I am bending bristle grass to demonstrate how energy is stored in the grass.