brittle diabetes

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brit·tle di·a·be·tes

n. diabetes inestable, niveles inestables de glucosa en la sangre debido a falta de control.
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When blood glucose levels fluctuate from one extreme to the other every day, the patient is diagnosed with "brittle diabetes."
Healthcare professionals recommend patients who have brittle diabetes to inject certain doses of insulin such as Novorapid and Lantus regularly.
People suffering from recurrent hypoglycemia, poor diabetes control, brittle diabetes, chronic kidney disease, acute illness, advance macrovascular complications must refrain from fasting as they could be at risk of developing acute complications.
She is known with brittle diabetes mellitus type 1, treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion and there is a history of gastroparesis.
It is also a preferred basal insulin in person who require two basal injections, i.e., a total of 5 injections, to achieve glycaemic control with conventional basal- bolus insulin regimens.8 Brittle diabetes may be treated more efficiently with insulin degludec, in view of its inherently low glycaemic variability.
For many patients suffering with brittle diabetes, insulin has skyrocketed in cost; patients frequently need to choose between insulin and groceries.
It is our objective to reapply such primary assessment to the case of adolescent brittle diabetes (or more generally speaking, the psychosomatic underpinnings of diabetes type 1 in minors and young adults), while also trying to answer calls for more quantitative and statistically reliable approaches to doing so.
It represents a significant diagnostic challenge and often goes undiagnosed for years in patients previously labeled with brittle diabetes (10).
Focusing on brittle diabetes in adolescents, some research (e.g., Brosig, Leweke, Milch, Eckhard, & Reimer, 2001; Leweke, Kurth, Milch, & Brosig, 2004; Milch, Leweke, Brosig, & Reimer, 2002) capitalized on the strengths of case studies to have an in-depth look at emotional factors affecting glycemic control and variability.