brittle diabetes

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brit·tle di·a·be·tes

n. diabetes inestable, niveles inestables de glucosa en la sangre debido a falta de control.
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8 Brittle diabetes may be treated more efficiently with insulin degludec, in view of its inherently low glycaemic variability.
For many patients suffering with brittle diabetes, insulin has skyrocketed in cost; patients frequently need to choose between insulin and groceries.
It represents a significant diagnostic challenge and often goes undiagnosed for years in patients previously labeled with brittle diabetes (10).
Type 1 diabetics who have brittle diabetes or those with poor control are advised not to fast, as well as those with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) unawareness, frequent low and high blood sugar, severe kidney and eye complications, poorly controlled hypertension, or unstable angina, and those prone to frequent diabetic ketoacidosis, as they are at high risk of developing severe complications.
The board prohibited fasting during Ramadan for patients with brittle diabetes, people using an insulin pump, those who take three or four doses of insulin a day and suffer from ketaocedosis and fainting, and people with low blood sugar.
Some doctors with brittle diabetes patients have said, 'Hey, can I actually get the software on my phone?