brittle star

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brittle star

Any of various marine echinoderms of the order Ophiurida having long slender arms.
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brit′tle star`

or brit′tle•star`,

any echinoderm of the class Ophiuroidea, having the body composed of a central rounded disk from which radiate long, slender, fragile arms.
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Noun1.brittle star - an animal resembling a starfish with fragile whiplike arms radiating from a small central discbrittle star - an animal resembling a starfish with fragile whiplike arms radiating from a small central disc
echinoderm - marine invertebrates with tube feet and five-part radially symmetrical bodies
Ophiurida, subclass Ophiurida - brittle stars
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A team consisting of Hitoshi Aonuma, Daiki Wakita, and Yumino Hayase studied the green brittle star Ophiarachna incrassata, a starfish-like aquatic animal found in tropic and sub-tropic oceans of the Indo-Pacific region with typically five and occasionally six arms.
These are the photos of brittle star taken in the south of Qatar at the Golden beach, Sealine.
The development of the brittle star musculature has been mentioned briefly (MacBride, 1907; Olsen, 1942), but the present study may be the first to describe the development of the juvenile muscles in any brittle star larva.
The brittle star Ophiothela mirabilis Verrill, 1867 is native to the Pacific Ocean (Hendler & Brugneaux, 2013), but has recently invaded the Caribbean and the southwestern Atlantic (Hendler et al., 2012).
There is little information in correlation with anti-cancer activities of brittle star. In the present study, anti-neoplastic efficacy of Ophiocoma erinaceus methanol extract against human cervical cancer cells was investigated.
The pop-up bubbles, peek-a-boo holes and giant windows ensure fantastic visibility of these fascinating creatures with species including the Chocolate Chip, Brittle Star and giant Sunstar.
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Among the more than 100 taxa collected, however, the burrowing brittle star, Amphipholis geminata (Le Conte, 1851) and the sand dollar (formerly in the genus Encope), Mellitella stokesii (L.Agassiz, 1841), appeared in the samples over the study period.
These brittle star beds are likely to be an ecologically important community and the discovery adds yet another unique animal community to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
Look out for shore crabs, starfish and the intricate brittle star. Watch your footing as the wet, seaweed covering is desperately slippery and the underlying rocks make for a hard landing.