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'I'll tell you what, my buck,' said Mr Tappertit, releasing his leg; 'I'll trouble you not to take liberties, and not to broach certain questions unless certain questions are broached to you.
When I was an A B master mariner I'd have come up alongside of him, hand over hand, and broached him to in a brace of old shakes, I would; but now--"
Having imparted this intelligence, the three worthies from the rendezvous broached a small keg of "alcohol," which they had brought with them.
Yet I never broached a bottle for myself, never took a drink by myself, and never knew a desire to take such a drink.
After the strike on the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1877, he broached a scheme to have the Locomotive Engineers make terms with the railroads and to "go it alone" so far as the rest of the labor unions were concerned.
We cannot say what blundering systems were broached, what inconsistent theories advanced by these bold spirits.
I puzzled my head a good deal to find out some way of checkmating the Greeks, as also did Charley, and we broached a thousand expedients which on discussion proved worthless.
Had it not been for the heavy drag of the nets, we would inevitably have broached to at the mercy of the enraged fishermen.
He was a very ambitious boy, full of plans for his future, which he discussed quite freely with Rebecca, but when she broached the subject of her future his interest sensibly lessened.
Conferees also broached the Council's needs, especially in terms of increasing the number of administrative judges.
In addition to slewing rings, drives and pinions, SlewPro can now produce internal and external gears, ring gears, timing pulleys, sprockets, internal and external splines, keyways, custom broached internal shapes and CNC machined products.
The Western Sahara issue and the election of the new Secretary General of the United Nations are among the issues broached in a meeting held Tuesday, in New York, between the minister of State, minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ramtane Lamamra and the president of the UN Security Council, Murray McCully.