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broach 1

tr.v. broached, broach·ing, broach·es
a. To bring up (a subject) for discussion or debate.
b. To announce: We broached our plans for the new year.
2. To pierce in order to draw off liquid: broach a keg of beer.
3. To draw off (a liquid) by piercing a hole in a cask or other container.
4. To shape or enlarge (a hole) with a tapered, serrated tool.
a. A tapered, serrated tool used to shape or enlarge a hole.
b. The hole made by such a tool.
2. A spit for roasting meat.
3. A mason's narrow chisel.
4. A gimlet for tapping or broaching casks.
5. Variant of brooch.

[Middle English brochen, to pierce, probably from broche, pointed weapon or implement, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *brocca, from Latin broccus, projecting.]

broach′er n.
Synonyms: broach1, introduce, moot, raise
These verbs mean to bring forward a point, topic, or question for consideration or discussion: broach the subject tactfully; introduce a tax bill before the legislature; an idea that was mooted before the committee; raised the problem of dropouts with the faculty.

broach 2

intr. & tr.v. broached, broach·ing, broach·es Nautical
To veer or cause to veer broadside to the wind and waves: tried to keep the boat from broaching to.

[Probably from broach.]
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A printed broacher focused on six cardinal areas of fasting and diabetes identified in Ramadan specific guidelines was given to all participants.
The Special Committee of the Parliament on Kashmir of Pakistan's National Assembly, in Forward to a broacher titled "Draconian Laws in Indian Occupied Kashmir" writes that "The Kashmiri people have been subjected to the worst kind of human rights abuses ever since the British sold Kashmir to the Dogra Maharaja Gulab Singh.
He has also published a colored broacher containing guidelines for mushroom growing at homes.
He said a broacher for information of tourists containing beautiful sites and Govt facilities have been prepared being distributed among tourists coming to this party of the country.
He also took exception to the media programmes in which he alleged an anchor took a broacher subjects for discussions in a bid to initiate confrontation among the army and the politicians.
Broacher made for auction was also not available for some days in banks, while price of broacher was also very expensive.
Similarly, print material such as guide and broachers highlighting warning signs to reinforce key practices and messages are also used.