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(brôd′lēvd′) also broad-leafed (-lēft′)
Having broad or relatively broad leaves rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves.
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Adj.1.broad-leafed - having relatively broad rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves
deciduous - (of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season
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When the salt has dissolved, spray or wipe it on to broad-leafed weeds such as ground elder, but don't let it spread to other plants, as it will kill those too.
Sufco employees fenced, reseeded and installed water soaker hoses to a mesic area with abundant insects and broad-leafed herbs, which created ideal nesting and feeding spots for the sage grouse.
Pronghorn antelope are drawn to nutritious forbs--nonwoody, broad-leafed plants that grow in prairie dog towns.
A lone bugler played taps under the shade of a moss-covered, broad-leafed maple.
In lawns you must use a selective weedkiller to kill just broad-leafed weeds and not your precious grass
This somewhat gawky shrub grows 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, Plant it in front of fine-textured evergreens or tuck one among broad-leafed evergreens.
Sharp-eyed scientists will search the hummocks of central Florida for the broad-leafed nodding cap, an orchid seen only once, in the 1960s.
The weeds are divided into groups: broad-leafed, grassy, vining and groundcovering weeds.
Two years ago, Whitham described similar results from an eight-year study conducted along the Weber River in northern Utah, where he compared concentrations of gall aphids among narrow-and broad-leafed cottonwoods and their hybrids.
Over the next hill he found himself driving deeper into a valley where broad-leafed trees formed a shady canopy over the road.
Local schoolchildren planted 4,000 broad-leafed trees alongside Pontburn Woods to create Ajax Wood which will commemorate HMS Ajax, one of Nelson's ships which fought at Trafalgar.
He said it was intended to plant a mix of broad-leafed species such as holly, hawthorn, beech, oak and rowan during the coming year.