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(brôd′lēvd′) also broad-leafed (-lēft′)
Having broad or relatively broad leaves rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves.
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Adj.1.broad-leafed - having relatively broad rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves
deciduous - (of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season
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The long-term solution lies in allowing the broad-leafed deciduous trees traditionally dominant at such altitudes to flourish once again, said Damyan Damyanov, head of a local forest enterprise, during an inspection at a logging site near the south-western town of Breznik.
Boxwood edging and other broad-leafed evergreens can help define and balance the delicate white, Lord said.
In the reserve there is a large lake, reed beds, broad-leafed woodland, wet areas in the woods and some areas of conifer trees.
By closing fields to stock over June, it allows broad-leafed plants to flower and seed to provide summer food for birds such as linnets and nectar and pollen for insects.
Floppy yet upright basil, frilly salad mix, broad-leafed bok choy, and an explosion of lemongrass create a soothing monochromatic mass of foliage.
She said: "Basically they are going to destroy a beautiful grassed area that has numerous broad-leafed mature trees and hundreds of spring bulbs on it.
The trees that succored Lewis and Clark's party were Plains cottonwoods, one of three types of broad-leafed cottonwoods that flourish along lower-elevation rivers and streams in the inland West.
A There are complete feeds which fertilise the lawn and kill broad-leafed weeds and moss.
You can add thyme to edges, too, but go for broad-leafed varieties for cooking.
Candidates can choose from one of eight broad-leafed deciduous trees at a forest in Mid Wales.
Some foods, broad-leafed vegetables such as lettuce, for example, should always be avoided.
Over the next hill he found himself driving deeper into a valley where broad-leafed trees formed a shady canopy over the road.