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Having or characterized by tolerant or liberal views.

broad′-mind′ed·ly adv.
broad′-mind′ed·ness n.
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Adv.1.broad-mindedly - in a broad-minded manner; "the authorities broad-mindedly permitted the opening of a center for teenagers"
narrow-mindedly, small-mindedly - in a narrow-minded manner; "narrow-mindedly, the authorities closed down the cafe where teenagers used to hang out"
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Our team consists of people from different religions but we are friends because we are not pessimistic and think broad-mindedly - the point is humanity comes first.
They were skeptical of the industrialists, but they broad-mindedly agreed to swallow their doubts in return for a partnership with the tycoons, who needed their help in attacking social problems at their roots.
Calder shows great consideration for his readers, who may, as he broad-mindedly admits, sometimes not wish to read through his book from end to end, and divides up his chapters into short sub-sections with helpfully explicit titles; he also provides translations of all the non-English texts he cites.