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1. Capable of being passed from one generation to the next; hereditary.
2. Capable of inheriting or taking by inheritance.

[Middle English, from Old French, from heriter, to inherit, from Late Latin hērēditāre; see inherit.]

her′i·ta·bil′i·ty n.
her′i·ta·bly adv.
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High values of broad-sense heritability (h2b) and low to moderate narrow-sense heritability (h2n) were observed for all investigated characters (Table 9).
The overall mean, upper and inferior limit, phenotypic variance ([[sigma].sup.2.sub.f]), environmental variance ([[sigma].sup.2]), coefficient of variation (CVe), broad-sense heritability ([H.sup.2.sub.g]), broad-sense heritability, adjusted for line and column effects ([H.sup.2.sub.adj]), were estimated with mixed models using REML/BLUP, considering the absence of an experimental design.
Broad-sense heritability of individual plots varied widely, with a higher value (0.75) for seed oil content and a lower value for number of seeds (0.08).
Broad-sense heritability ([H.sup.2]b) ranged from 74.50 to 99%, for DFFI, DFF, DFPM, and DNPM, while the narrow-sense heritability ([h.sup.2]n) varied from 73.60% to 99% (Table 2).
Broad-sense heritability of average progenies ([h.sup.2.sub.bs]) was estimated by the expression [24]: [h.sup.2.sub.bs] (%) = 100 x [[[sigma].sup.2.sub.g]/([[sigma].sup.2.sub.g] + [[sigma].sup.2.sub.e])].
Broad-sense heritability ([h.sup.2]) for mean values was calculated using PABSTAT [8], following the formula described by [9,10,14,15]:
Broad-sense heritability ([h.sup.2]b) was used to eliminate the influence of environment on the expression of disease severity (Mulitze and Baker, 1995) and computed as follows:
The higher value of broad-sense heritability shows that yield components are under control of genetic factors (table 2).
Broad-sense heritability was calculated with the formula of Lush (1940).
The estimation of broad-sense heritability was very high (0.92).