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broad bean

also broad·bean  (brôd′bēn′)
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Smoked salmon, broadbean and asparagus tagliatelle, mushroom buckwheat risotto and tomato tartlet are examples of the lighter lunches on offer, and were all on the menu in April.
Biological control of root rots of broadbean. National Agricultural Documentation Center Information Center IAEC (Iraq) IAEC P.O.
DMGT, which wants to focus on on the core Mail businesses, said it expects total proceeds of GBP150m (USD/EUR) from the sale of its entire Evenbase business, which also includes OilCareers, Broadbean and Jobrapido whose disposals were announced in March and April 2014.
Coventry, United Kingdom, April 26, 2013 --( FindEmployment, a rapidly developing global recruitment platform, has today announced its integration with Broadbean Technology.
ft.) Beans, black 4-10 4 15.2 Beans, white 4-10 4 11.7 Chickpeas 4-10 4 * 11.8 Cowpeas 2-5 3 * 13.7 Fava, broadbean 5-9 5 ** 16.9 Kidney 4-10 4 12.9 Lentils 4-6 3 13.6 Pinto 4-10 4 14.3 Soybeans 4-8 5 12.7 * Number from Purdue University ** Number from Cooperative Extension, University of California Gardening educator Cindy Conner is using her decades of gardening and food preservation experience to detail how to grow a complete diet in a small space and get the food to the table using the smallest amount of fossil fuels.
A pink seeded variety of broadbean from Eastern Europe called Karmazyn and a Soya Bean variety called Elena are amongst a wide selection that you might consider as alternatives to the norm.
Both self- and Self-pollinated Cross-pollinated cross-pollinated Barley Alfalfa Amaranths Chickpea Apple Broadbean Coffee Bromegrasses Cotton Cowpea Clovers Cucumber Flax Corn Foxtail millet Jute Mustard Lupins Pearl millet Onion Peach Oat Potato Pigeon pea Pea Rye Sesame Rice Ryegrasses Sorghum Safflower Safflower Squashes Soybean Strawberry Watermelon Tobacco Sugarcane Tomato Sunflower Triticale Timothy Wheat Table 8-2 Yields of oats and corn in the United States after the introduction of corn hybridization.
Effect of planting date on parasitism of broadbean (Vicia faba L.) by crenate broomrape (Orobanche crenata).
The study was carried out by online advertising company Broadbean Technology and looked at sites such as Bebo, Facebook and MySpace.
alpha Fowler on broadbean (Vicia faba L.), and Setamou & Jones (2005) studying GWSS on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) demonstrated the possibility of rearing a sharpshooter using a single host.