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Noun1.broadcast journalist - a journalist who broadcasts on radio or televisionbroadcast journalist - a journalist who broadcasts on radio or television
broadcaster - someone who broadcasts on radio or television
journalist - a writer for newspapers and magazines
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'I think it's about time that people like you, because me too, I was a broadcast journalist, I never wrote articles that will cast aspersion or impute any crime or defect or vice to any person whether natural or juridical.
In his foreword, renowned broadcast journalist, Chief Yemi Farounbi, admits that through all the changing socio-political scene in the country, the broadcast industry has witnessed various changes.
He delivered a workshop on how to be a broadcast journalist and answered questions on his 22-year career with the organisation, as well as giving tips on how to produce and edit behind the scenes.
Among the awards were Broadcast Journalist of the Year, Best Feature Writer and Blogger of the Year.
Broadcast journalist Pia Roces Morato, spokesperson for the PCOO's dismiss disinformation campaign, said they are bracing for a deluge of fake news as the elections draw near.
Abdul Hadi Mayar is a senior broadcast journalist having 35-year experience in the field of print and electronic media, a press release Thursday said.
Multi-awarded broadcast journalist Jessica Soho has renewed her commitment with GMA Network in a contract signing held a few days ago.
Steven McCaul has joined BBC's Scotland's Reporting Scotland programme as a broadcast journalist from Kingdom FM.
'The Broadcast Journalist Centre Trustee Board has been formed for the flourishing of the massive activities of mass media....which will play an important role in advancing media," she said, addressing the first broadcast conference of the Broadcast Journalist Centre at TSC auditorium of Dhaka University here.
The top winners of the Chief Minister's Awards were feature writer Priscilla Tawie of the New Sarawak Tribune (English category), feature writer Haini Darani of Utusan Sarawak (Bahasa Malaysia category), feature writer Ivy Ching Heng Mee of Sin Chew Daily (Chinese category) and broadcast journalist Monica Gerry of RTM (Broadcasting category).
The Committee to Protect Journalists has called for the immediate release of Somali broadcast journalist Mohamed Abdiwali Tohow without charge.

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