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tr. & intr.v. broad·ened, broad·en·ing, broad·ens
To make or become broad or broader.

broad′en·er n.
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a person who broadens something, a device which broadens something
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The other major new international base broadener is the base-erosion anti-abuse tax (BEAT), which functions as a minimum tax on foreign direct investment into the United States, with a minimum tax rate of 10 percent on a base that is adjusted in a variety of complicated ways.
These findings, needless to say, run exactly counter to the nutritional advice Americans have been given for decades--that fat, especially saturated fat, is unhealthy, a broadener of waistlines and a dogger of arteries.
I also sought out a senior AF FM mentor for regular coaching and support, and worked with the FM career-field team (CFT) lead to stay connected to my functional roots and ensure I was current on anything involving career/force development This is important as a career broadener outside my functional career field.
Torgny: I always liked the Somethin' Else page--not only as a sort of fun thing, but also as a broadener, or should I say "defender," of what skating can be.
As we say goodbye to these dedicated individuals, we also welcome others--LTC Ellis Colvin, US Army Europe, Heidelberg, Germany; LCDR Paul Simpson, US Naval Support Activity, La Maddalena, Italy; Maj David Albrecht, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Maj(S) Brian Kehl, AFIT, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia; 2Lt Ann Arnold, HQ SSG, Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex, Alabama; Mr Martin Cain, Career Broadener, Air Force Audit Agency Training Office, March ARB, California; TSgt Debra Riech, First Sergeant Academy, Maxwell AFB, Alabama; and Ms Josephine Stokes, Academic Instructor School, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.