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Adv.1.broadly speaking - without regard to specific details or exceptions; "he interprets the law broadly"
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Trent knew that, although broadly speaking he was innocent of any desire to harm or desert Monty, no power on earth would ever convince Francis of that.
There are, broadly speaking, two types of drinkers.
However, I had read "Tom Jones," and "Rod- erick Random," and other books of that kind, and knew that the highest and first ladies and gentlemen in England had remained little or no cleaner in their talk, and in the morals and conduct which such talk implies, clear up to a hundred years ago; in fact clear into our own nineteenth century -- in which century, broadly speaking, the earliest samples of the real lady and real gentleman discoverable in English history -- or in European history, for that matter -- may be said to have made their appearance.
There were classes of a sort, although nobody, broadly speaking, studied the same book with anybody else, or had arrived at the same degree of proficiency in any one branch of learning.
When I tell you that no one from this country was invited to the conference, I think you will be able, broadly speaking, to divine its purpose.
But the higher we rise in the evolutionary scale, broadly speaking, the greater becomes the power of learning, and the fewer are the occasions when pure instinct is exhibited unmodified in adult life.
These three sections were originally united in one enormously long tractate, whose subject, broadly speaking, is nezikin"damages," or what we call torts: civil wrongs involving various kinds of damage to person or property.
Broadly speaking, sleep and cognitive functions are often related in advancing age, though the prevalence of null effects in healthy older adults (including correlations in the unexpected, negative direction) indicates that age may be an effect modifier of these associations.
Very sadly it was not introduced as quickly as we would have liked, which meant a few studios went bust, but broadly speaking now we've got full support from the industry.
Abida Hussain said that people of Pakistan, broadly speaking are comfortable with distancing from America.
Construction from the perspective of GDP, broadly speaking, deals with civil engineering work, consisting of new buildings, bridges, transmission lines, railway lines, roads, dams, etc.
We have two psychiatrists and one psychologist who broadly speaking say that he is not fit to plead.