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1. A small skewer or spit used to broil or roast meat, fish, or vegetables.
2. Food broiled or roasted on a small skewer or spit.

[French, from Old French, diminutive of broche, spit; see broach1.]
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(brɒˈʃɛt; French brɔʃɛt)
(Cookery) a skewer or small spit, used for holding pieces of meat, etc, while roasting or grilling
[C19: from Old French brochete small pointed tool; see broach1]
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1. a skewer.
2. food, usu. in small pieces, broiled on a skewer.
[1705–10; < French; Old French brochete. See broach, -ette]
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Noun1.brochette - a small spit or skewer
spit - a skewer for holding meat over a fire
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He displayed a brochette of all sorts of decorations on the lapel of his frac and had a broad ribbon of some order across his shirt front.
THIS brochette, made with beef, peppers and onions, marinated in garlic, anchovy and rosemary, is taken from the menu at Aktar Islam's Fiesta del Asado restaurant.
Terra Firma Steakhouse station: gourmet burgers, steak baguettes, Cajun fried onion rings and marinated beef brochette with corn on the cob.
In the Quarter, the girls grind out an extra buck from the rescue teams, and the cooks at Galatoire's spike a dozen oysters en brochette. Hurricanes slosh down the streets, go-cups sticky and cool, cheap beads noosed around the balconies.
The menu includes spinach quiche, tamales, chocolate dipped strawberries, cheese tortellini, shrimp brochette, garlic mashed potatoes, and key lime pie.
The menu was rich and varied, with a good selection of piattini appetisers including the usual suspects of olives, oil and brochette to get things moving.
was actually a brochette of mixed fish on a slimy mattress of exhausted vegetables.
Mrs T ordered salmon and vegetable brochette with lemon and parsley mayonnaise and wild rocket.
A vegetarian meal is also offered, consisting of grilled vegetable brochette with brown rice pilaf.
We'd decided on a mix of dishes that included a nicoise salad topped with seared tuna rather than the ubiquitous tinned stuff - very nice - and a prawn brochette. The prawns were cooked flawlessly and came with a giant mound of creamy cucumber salad that defeated us, despite being very full of flavour.
I'm a vegetarian, but I make an exception for a smoking plate of CEO en brochette."
Accessorize the theme with a variety of grilling cookbooks, brochette skewers, barbecue brushes, turning tongs, oven mitts, and gourmet marinades, sauces, and rubs.