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Noun1.broken home - a family in which the parents have separated or divorced
family, household, menage, home, house - a social unit living together; "he moved his family to Virginia"; "It was a good Christian household"; "I waited until the whole house was asleep"; "the teacher asked how many people made up his home"
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He said the issue needs the attention of the churches and elderly in society to address the phenomenon to avert increase in broken homes and single parenting, and its resultant breeding of criminals.
More than 90 percent of children involved in criminal activities come from poor families, can't go to school, and have separated parents or from broken homes.
Broken homes, broken bones' An eruption of the rumbling Anak Krakatoa volcano, which sits in the middle of the Strait separating Java and Sumatra, caused a section of the crater to collapse and slide into the ocean, triggering the tsunami, officials have said.
Some of these youths are carrying knives, dealing drugs and even have guns on them, and all the experts can say is that these children come from broken homes.
I dont know how my reaction would have been if she had been dark skinned, but I felt complete, said Grace.Grace Nzomo, 24, is part of an organisation that raises fund to put children with albinism through school since most of them come from broken homes.
Extra-marital manoeuvrings lead to deceit and hurt and anger - and broken hearts and broken homes.
However, the result of many of these very large winnings and the effect on the winners and their families, often leading to broken homes and even bankruptcy after a period of great affluence and high living, has proved to me that many would be better off if they had not won in the first place.
The Bahraini girls, it is claimed, are aged between 11 and 18, come from a broken homes, and are tempted into vice by expensive iPhones and monetary gifts.
With its sombre tone, parental guilt, broken homes and selfharm, it'll disappoint anyone expecting the Terminator to turn up and save the day.
John Allen | Questioned by his barrister John McDermott, Allen, 73, who now lives at Foxglove Avenue, Needham Market near Ipswich, said when he left the pop industry he went to work in vocational training in Gloucestershire for youngsters from broken homes.
We both come from broken homes. I was eight years old when my parents were divorced and was then granny reared.
When the children were asked how often do they felt happy, 36 percent children of 'broken homes' said they were happy "all the time" while the remaining 64 percent reported being happy "sometimes or never".