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(Elements & Compounds) of or containing bromine in the trivalent or pentavalent state


(ˈbroʊ mɪk)

containing pentavalent bromine.
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Adj.1.bromic - relating to or containing bromine (especially pentavalent bromine)
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Iljin as medicinal raw material by the bromic antioxidant capacity," Journal Chemistry and Computation Simulation: Bulterov Communications, vol.
Even Tube overhead tube heaters for heating large spaces economically and the popular Bromic line of gas, electric and portable propane patio heaters from Australia are also available.
For example, in a review of the CalArts Center for New Performance's Bromic and Willie, a play by Gertrude Stein that was part of this year's Radar LA festival in June, one critic wrote that it lacked dramatic action.