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 (brō′mĭz′əm) also bro·min·ism (brō′mə-nĭz′əm)
A toxic condition caused by the chronic overuse of bromides, characterized by mental dullness, loss of muscular coordination, and sometimes skin eruptions.
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(ˈbrəʊˌmɪzəm) or


(Pathology) poisoning caused by the excessive intake of bromine or compounds containing bromine
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a poisoning produced by excessive use of bromine or bromine compounds. Also brominism, bromidism.
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Potassium bromide also causes sedation and can be associated with pancreatitis, as well as a condition called bromism (bromide toxicity).
The syphilis theory, however, has never squared with the other facts of MacDowell's life, which is why Bomberger's argument that MacDowell died of bromism may be one of the biggest coups of this new biography.
While it is true, as the Hursts argue, that the novel offers "a detailed account of [...] bromide psychosis" and so provides a physiological cause for Pinfold's delusions, as much as for his bodily ailments (260), it is perhaps less accurate to declare, as they do, that "bromism is exactly what we are dealing with" here (262).
Some customers who used Bromo Seltzer excessively exhibited symptoms of bromine toxicity, known as 'bromism'.
He is a former area director for Lloyds TSB, a non-executive board member of the NEC Group and the University of Bromism Court and Council, as well as an independent member of the Standards Committee at Solihull Council.