bromophenol blue

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Noun1.bromophenol blue - a dye used as an acid-base indicator
acid-base indicator - an indicator that changes color on going from acidic to basic solutions
dye, dyestuff - a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair
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t] tested, three hydrodynamic assays of stimulus-response were carried out in pulse type using eosin Y and bromophenol blue as tracers, with injection volume of 10 mL and injection time of 10 s.
The samples were loaded with Bromophenol blue loading dye, taking care not to puncture the well bottoms.
Abdel-Rehim, High-Dose Film Dosimeters Based on Bromophenol Blue or Xylenol Orange Dyed Polyvinyl Alcohol.
The run was performed at 150 volt until the bromophenol blue dye has reached the separating gel and then the voltage was increased to 200 volt.
The histochemical stains used were: Xylidine Ponceau (Melo and Vidal, 1980) and Bromophenol Blue (Pearse, 1985) for the detection of proteins; Periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) and simultaneous PAS and Alcian Blue (Junqueira and Junqueira, 1983) for polysaccharides; vonKossa method (Junqueira and Junqueira, 1983) for calcium detection; and Nile Blue (Lison, 1960) and Sudan Black B (Junqueira and Junqueira, 1983) for lipids detection.
Bromophenol blue is used in tracking dye in gel electrophoresis.
SDS-PAGE was done using 20% poly-acrylamide gel and samples were stained by bromophenol blue.
025%, bromophenol blue and 10 mM EDTA), incubated at 98 c for 10 min and then chilled on ice Denatured DNA was loaded on 8% PAGE gel in 0.
The following histochemical methods were used on the fresh material: ferric chloride for phenolic compounds; zinc chloride iodine for lignin and starch (JENSEN, 1962); Sudan III (SASS, 1951) and IV (GERLACH, 1984) for lipids in general; Lugol for the identification of starch (JOHANSEN, 1940); bromophenol blue for proteins (MAZIA et al.
8, 10 mL of glycerol and 20 mg of bromophenol blue dye) in boiling water bath for two minutes before loading on the gel.
Generally this will also contain one or more negatively charged, large molecule dyes like bromophenol blue or xylene cyanol, which will help us see the sample as we load it in the well, and serve as a tracking dye.
All the other chemicals used, including agarose, methyl green, agar, Triton X-100, Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 and bromophenol blue were of analytical grades.