bromothymol blue

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Noun1.bromothymol blue - a dye used as an acid-base indicator
acid-base indicator - an indicator that changes color on going from acidic to basic solutions
dye, dyestuff - a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair
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bleu de bromothymol
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Caption: Figure 2: Colonies of rhizobia isolates on yeast mannitol agar medium containing bromothymol blue. (a) Yellow with creamy and smooth margins, medium sized, round, (b) cream with smooth margin, medium sized, round, (c) yellowish, smooth margins, medium sized, round (d) yellow, smooth margins, small sized, punctiform, (e) white, smooth margins, medium sized, round (f) white, smooth margins, small sized, punctiform.
They included bromocresol green, bromophenol blue, bromothymol blue, bromocresol purple, bromocresol blue, cresol red, cresol blue, cresol purple (BDH Chemicals Ltd., Poole, England); Diaverdine (Elnaser pharmaceutical chemicals Cairo, Egypt); and New-Cox powerful anticoccidial watersoluble powder (Atco Pharma for Pharmaceutical Industry, Cairo, Egypt).
gattii were distinguished by a phenotypic method--CGB agar (cavanine glycine bromothymol blue agar).
Arayne, Synthesis and Spectrophotometric Study of Omeprazole Charge Transfer Complexes with Bromothymol Blue, Methyl Orange, and Picric Acid, 9, 21749 (2015).
To this 5 [micro]L of marker dye (Bromothymol blue) and 5 [micro]L double distilled water was added.
Caption: FIGURE 7: Kinetic for degradation of bromothymol blue with different concentration using 0.33 mM GZVINPs.
The yeast mannitol agar (YMA) medium having 25 mg Bromothymol blue L-1 was tested for organic acid production (Keneni et al., 2010).
Caption: FIGURE 1: Chemical structures of ciprofloxacin (a), levofloxacin (b), ofloxacin (OFX) (c), and bromothymol blue (d).
Bromothymol blue (BTB) was used as acid Base indicator at 0.07% to reveal substrate hydrolysis As a green to blue halo against yellow medium.
A pure colony of Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus species on nutrient agar bromothymol blue triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (NBTA) (Akhurst, 1980) was introduced into a nutrient broth for mass production of the bacteria.
Enzymatic hydrolysis of imipenem and subsequent colour change of a pH indicator (phenol red and bromothymol blue respectively).
In an effort to understand the extent of impurities in these dyes and the potential impact on the expanded uncertainty of spectrophotometric pH measurements, we have examined seven commercially available sulfonephthalein pH indicators using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS): bromocresol green (BCG), bromocresol purple (BCP), bromothymol blue (BTB), cresol red (CR), meta-cresol purple (MCP), phenol red (PR), and thymol blue (TB).