bronchial asthma

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bronchial asthma

Asthma that is caused by spasmodic contraction of the muscular walls of the bronchial tubes.


(ˈæz mə, ˈæs-)

a paroxysmal, often allergic disorder of respiration characterized by bronchospasm, wheezing, and difficulty in expiration. Also called bronchial asthma.
[1350–1400; Middle English asma < Medieval Latin < Greek ásthma panting, asthma]
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Noun1.bronchial asthma - respiratory disorder characterized by wheezingbronchial asthma - respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing; usually of allergic origin
bronchospasm - a spasm of the bronchi that makes exhalation difficult and noisy; associated with asthma and bronchitis
respiratory disease, respiratory disorder, respiratory illness - a disease affecting the respiratory system
status asthmaticus - a prolonged and severe asthma attack that does not respond to standard treatment
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Methods: This case control study was conducted at private clinical set up of district, Rahim Yar Khan from August to October 2016 in which 100 cases of bronchial asthma were randomly divided into Group-A and Group-B each contained 50 patients.
Bronchial asthma diagnosed for at least 1 year and vitamin D levels below 30 ng/ml, no history of smoking, intake of vitamin D 6 months before trial or other chronic diseases were included in the study.
Adult patients of both genders between the ages of 16and 70 years who presented with dyspnoea and history of bronchial asthma or subsequently diagnosed on spirometry were evaluated.
3],[4],[5] Thus, the aim of the research was to detect the content of remodeling markers of the respiratory tract in the exhaled breath condensate (EBC) of children suffering from bronchial asthma (BA).
A quality improvement programme for bronchial asthma was implemented in PHC a few years ago, said Dr Nahed Monsef, consultant family physician and director of health affairs department in PHC, and the paper is the successful outcome of this programme.
In conclusion, Dr Monsef said that improvement of bronchial asthma care was noticed at primary health care settings in DHA due to the successful implementation of the programme.
Adult patients of bronchial asthma and COPD using DPI's for at least 1 month or more, who give informed consent.
Aftab Akhtar form Shifa Hospital will talk about Updates in treatment of Bronchial Asthma while Dr.
He said asthma patients had shown an increase in allergic symptoms, in addition to some who have seasonal allergy that occurs annually during sandstorms and causes respiratory problems, bronchial asthma, shortness of breath, lacking enough oxygen and coughing.
4) It is well known that the clinical course of a disease like chronic bronchial asthma is highly variable; being subject to many known and unknown factors, thus practicing Pranayam will be beneficial in regulating many aspects.
Wang and colleagues "also hope to extend our experimental models to other disorders such as severe craniocerebral injury, bronchial asthma, chronic pulmonary heart disease, arrhythmia, and myocardial necrosis, etc.
Because of the ambiguity of the information available on the subject, we decided to study the enzymatic activity of secreting granules of lymphocytes in patients with bronchial asthma according to the degree of severity.