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 (brŏng-kī′tĭs, brŏn-)
Chronic or acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes.

bron·chit′ic (-kĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.bronchitic - suffering from or prone to bronchitis
ill, sick - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"
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مُتَعَلِّقٌ بالتِهابِ الشُّعَب
meî lungnakvef; lungnakvefs-
bronşitle ilgili


[brɒŋˈkɪtɪk] ADJbronquítico
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(broŋˈkaitis) noun
inflammation of the air passages in the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. Wet weather makes his bronchitis worse.
bronˈchitic adjective
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bronchitic or emphysematous, should also be identified, because it might have prognostic relevance.
According to bronchoscopic features, EBTB could be classified into 7 subtypes: fibrostenotic, edematous-hyperemic, actively caseating, tumorous, ulcerative, granular, and nonspecific bronchitic type.[11] Studies showed that posttuberculosis scarring airway stenosis could be caused not only by fibrostenotic type but also other types such as actively caseating, edematous-hyperemic, and tumorous type.[12],[13] In these cases, specific measures are essential for preventing or minimizing the bronchial stenosis.
For [PM.sub.10], we saw clear associations with chronic bronchitis in all subjects, possibly related to [PM.sub.10] favoring deposition in the conducting airways that are responsible for producing bronchitic symptoms.
NSPs are amongst the most potent known stimulants of mucus secretion from epithelial cells [62, 63], hypersecretion of which is a common feature across the neutrophilic diseases including cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and chronic bronchitic COPD.
Reduction in lung function and increase in bronchitic symptoms of asthmatic children are linked with elevated N[O.sub.2] concentration [26, 28].
Kim V Han MK, Vance GB, Make BJ, Newell JD, Hokanson JE, Hersh CP, Stinson D, Silverman EK, Criner GJ (2011) The chronic bronchitic phenotype of COPD: An analysis of the copdgene study.
In one study, 290 subjects deemed chronically bronchitic--chronic cough and phlegm lasting 3 months of every year for 2 consecutive years--were compared with 771 subjects who were not chronically bronchitic. The first group had more frequent exacerbations per patient: 1.21-1.62 vs.
Some of the findings in this study are consistent with those of the previous studies showing that traffic-related pollutants were related to breathlessness (Bayer-Oglesby et al., 2006); wheeze (Bayer-Oglesby et al., 2006; Garshick et al., 2003); bronchitic symptoms, i.e., productive cough (Bayer-Oglesby et al., 2006; Forsberg et al., 1997; Garshick et al., 2003; Lai et al., 2010); throat and nose irritation (Forsberg et al., 1997); rhinitis, i.e., running nose and itching nose (Cesaroni et al., 2008; Forsberg et al., 1997); increased heart rate (Pope et al., 1999); and conjunctivitis, i.e., burning or itching eyes and red eyes (Bourcier et al., 2003).
According to their findings, the initial nonspecific bronchitic form is followed by submucosal tubercle formation giving rise to the appearance of granular and edematous-hyperemic type.
Air pollution and bronchitic symptoms in Southern California children with asthma.
The seeds preparations are an excellent remedy for asthma, bronchitic cough as well as digestive disorders such as flatulence, bloating, colicky stomach pain, nausea and indigestion.
Using updated techniques that count asthma cases attributable to air pollution for the first time and including a broader range of health care costs such as parents' missed work days, extra doctor visits and travel time along with prescriptions, the researchers found that a single episode of bronchitic symptoms cost an average 972 dollars in Riverside and 915 dollars in Long Beach.