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A slender tubular instrument with a small light on the end for inspection of the interior of the bronchi.

bron′cho·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
bron·chos′co·pist (brŏn-kŏs′kə-pĭst, brŏng-) n.
bron·chos′co·py (-kə-pē) n.
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(Medicine) an instrument for examining and providing access to the interior of the bronchial tubes
bronchoscopic adj
bronchoscopist n
bronˈchoscopy n
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(ˈbrɒŋ kəˌskoʊp)

a lighted, flexible instrument that is inserted into the trachea for diagnosis and for removing inhaled objects.
bron`cho•scop′ic (-ˈskɒp ɪk) adj.
bron•chos′co•pist (-ˈkɒs kə pɪst) n.
bron•chos′co•py, n.
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Noun1.bronchoscope - a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes
medical instrument - instrument used in the practice of medicine
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n broncoscopio
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The market grew at 6.3% y-o-y in 2018 with bronchoscopes accounting for nearly one third of the global revenues.
Traditional Bronchoscopes incorporate small-diameter operating channels into large-diameter optical assemblies.
Second, there are several disadvantages to flexible bronchoscopes compared with rigid thoracoscopes, in particular of the smaller biopsies; so we took at least ten specimens for each biopsy.
InnerSpace is offering three small diameter scope cabinets that are ideal for storing bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, ureteroscopes and other small diameter flexible endoscopes.
In September 2001, a defect was discovered in several bronchoscopes manufactured by Olympus America, Inc., a subsidiary of the Japanese camera maker Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.
It was found during the investigation that leak testing, as recommended by bronchoscope manufacturers as part of reprocessing of bronchoscopes, was not performed.
hospital has alerted more than 400 patients who underwent medical checks with bronchoscopes later found to be defective that they may have contracted a lung infection, hospital officials said Monday.
InnerSpace is offering three new small diameter scope cabinets that are ideal for storing bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, ureteroscopes and other small diameter flexible endoscopes.
The D-Light AF System includes flexible bronchoscopes with integrated filter wheels that enable one-touch toggling between WL and AF visualization modes.