brood hen

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Noun1.brood hen - a domestic hen ready to brood
biddy, hen - adult female chicken
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It combines the relaxed, receptive posture of the Brood Hen decoy; cocky, quarter-strut pose of the J-Bird decoy; and dominant, active posture of the Ol' Wet Hen to trigger aggressive gobbler responses.
This is the call turkeys use to find the brood hen; in response the hen will assembly call (kee-kee yelp) also known as the kee-kee run call to regroup the flock.
The assembly yelp is given by the brood hen when a flock is scattered.
According the information of the turkey's owner, merciful turkey started to brood hen's egg after its eggs had been stolen by a fox.
That's what they used to call her: "Brood hen to the anchor people." Take Kristi Krueger, for instance.
Breeding success (number of young reared per hen) involves the proportion of brood hens (those with young in late summer) and brood size (number of young per brood hen).