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In this way Clare persistently wooed her in undertones like that of the purling milk--at the cow's side, at skimmings, at butter-makings, at cheese-makings, among broody poultry, and among farrowing pigs--as no milkmaid was ever wooed before by such a man.
jiggetty jig!" clucked a broody white hen roosting next to him.
Natural instincts are lost under domestication: a remarkable instance of this is seen in those breeds of fowls which very rarely or never become broody,' that is, never wish to sit on their eggs.
CORONATION Street's Samia Longchambon is broody when she sees babies, but she has ruled out expanding her own family.
Kate Middleton recently sparked pregnancy rumors after she said that she was feeling broody after seeing an adorable baby during a walkabout in Northern Ireland.
I'm not broody at the moment, I have got so much on work-wise.
Unemployed Broody McHotttiepants explains how to become a famous Broody YA main character, as his evil ex-girlfriend, Biondi DeMeani, tries to open his eyes to the supporting character's plight.
The easiest way to incubate and hatch fertile chicken eggs is to have a broody hen do all the work for you.
One of them keeps getting broody and the last time it went on for nearly three months.
BREAKING A BROODY CHICKEN CAN BE a daunting task and I am told sometimes an impossible one.