broody hen

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Noun1.broody hen - a domestic hen ready to brood
biddy, hen - adult female chicken
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Poultry droppings will vary depending on diet, weather, cecal dropping, broody hen dropping and the health of the bird.
If chicks are hatched and raised by a broody hen, their mother will take care of the issue.
A broody hen will fiercely guard her clutch of eggs and her chicks after they hatch.
Kelly A One solution is to put some fertile eggs under your broody hen so she can hatch them out.
Also, for the first time in years, I've got a broody hen sitting on some fertile eggs that I bought at a show, and I'm hoping that she can hatch a good clutch of chicks.
AWOMAN has been reunited with the broody hen she lost when it made a nest in a tractor which she then sold.
There were bantams, eight or nine guinea fowl and a broody hen and her little babies.
Backyard inventor Gyro Gearloose is distraught that his broody hen has been trying for months to hatch a doorknob.
The easiest way to incubate and hatch fertile chicken eggs is to have a broody hen do all the work for you.
In a flash, he'll tick off his latest and greatest finds -- currently, an early-l9th century mechanical chicken delouser -- and he'll announce without hesitation his "wants" -- a 19-century "Chamberlain's Setting Hen" incubator, which sports a lid shaped like a broody hen.
Miss Thomas said that Ginger didn't think twice about the arrangement, adding: "A broody hen doesn't care whose eggs she sits on.
Mike clucked like a broody hen while Penny hid in the bathroom with the paperwork as Fred puffed up his plumage to its full, affronted state.