broody hen

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Noun1.broody hen - a domestic hen ready to brood
biddy, hen - adult female chicken
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Still, you're not guaranteed a broody hen from a heritage breed, or a non-setter (a hen that won't go broody) from a modern breed.
I might as well have asked a broody hen to explain the origin of the egg - you know, the old conundrum about which came first.
They'll remember the broody hen under the table, lambs in the living room or the orphaned calf by the fire.
Collecting that warm egg (watch you don't get your arm pecked off by the broody hen), cracking it into the frying pan, even the colour of them is more vibrant somehow and the taste?
If chicks are hatched and raised by a broody hen, their mother will take care of the issue.
A broody hen will fiercely guard her clutch of eggs and her chicks after they hatch.
Kelly A One solution is to put some fertile eggs under your broody hen so she can hatch them out.
Also, for the first time in years, I've got a broody hen sitting on some fertile eggs that I bought at a show, and I'm hoping that she can hatch a good clutch of chicks.
AWOMAN has been reunited with the broody hen she lost when it made a nest in a tractor which she then sold.
There were bantams, eight or nine guinea fowl and a broody hen and her little babies.
Backyard inventor Gyro Gearloose is distraught that his broody hen has been trying for months to hatch a doorknob.
Poultry droppings will vary depending on diet, weather, cecal dropping, broody hen dropping and the health of the bird.