broom closet

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Noun1.broom closet - a small room for storing brooms and other cleaning equipment
closet, cupboard - a small room (or recess) or cabinet used for storage space
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The characters in "The Fall of the American Empire" are foils for the filmmaker's anxieties about modern life, here having mostly to do with the hypocrisy of the financial and legal worlds, as well as his longtime bete noire, the Canadian health bureaucracy: One petty criminal winds up in a hospital room that seems to be a jury-rigged broom closet.
Storage can prove to be very difficult in closed spaces making your apartment look largely like a broom closet. Avoid this by using multi-functional furniture that has storage compartments.
Almost 33 years ago, John Schnatter started the pizza chain "Papa John's" in a broom closet. Today, the CEO is now a billionaire, ( Forbes reported Thursday .
Her mother Margaret is a Christian zealot prone to locking her in a small broom closet and making her pray for hours on end, but everything changes when she discovers she has the psychic ability to move objects with her mind, and as the abuse continues, she finds herself becoming more and more powerful (2013) ???
Storage includes full height cupboards, pull-out units, appliance space for an American-style fridge freezer and a broom closet.
A common broom closet where we can all dump our data flotsam.
Meeting announcement of the Paul Dyster Fan Club: This month's get together will be held in the basement broom closet of the Como Restaurant.
The child, who was seven at the time, testified that he saw Samuel Coleson chasing the plaintiff with a knife while she screamed for help; he then hid behind a car and was ultimately locked in a broom closet by a man who worked at the car wash.
Frumble is mysteriously able to rescue Santa Bear from his temporary broom closet holding place, who flies off on his toysack with the reindeer to make his holiday deliveries, leaving Mr.