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 (bro͞om, bro͝om)
1. An implement used for sweeping, typically consisting of a bunch of stiff synthetic fibers or broomcorn stalks, or formerly twigs or straw, bound together and attached to a handle.
a. Any of various European and North African shrubs of the genus Cytisus in the pea family, especially C. scoparius, having mostly compound leaves with three leaflets and showy, usually bright yellow flowers.
b. Any of several similar or related shrubs, especially in the genera Genista and Spartium.
tr.v. broomed, broom·ing, brooms
To sweep with a broom.

[Middle English brom, from Old English brōm, broom plant (Cytisus scoparius and similar plants); akin to Dutch braam, blackberry, bramble, from Germanic *brēmaz, prickly shrub.]

broom′y adj.


adj, broomier or broomiest
(Plants) covered with broom growth
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She pauses at their favourite broomy knowe and lapses into deep reverie.
The court heard the trouble blew up on Broomy Hill Road, Throckley, on September 5.
The court heard the trouble blew up on Broomy Hill Road, Throckley, shortly after 4pm on September 5 this year.
Darren Williams Broomy @Broomy1 A PS1,500 fine for McBride seems a bit of a joke for what happened.
Cytisetea scopario-striati Rivas-Martinez 1974 Mediterranean and (sub)atlantic temperate broomy scrub (retamal, piornal, escobonal) seral to forests on acidic substrates
The Broomy has become popular with locals, not only because of its real ale, but also because of its involvement in the community.
Jamie Smith, 31, of Broomy Close, Stourport, was found guilty of wounding Michael Poulton with intent to cause grievous bodily harm at Worcester Crown Court.
P Matthews, work to tree(s) |within conservation area, Wells Green Farm Cottage, Wells Green, Broomy Lea Lane, Netherthong.
They included the Coral Hurdle (Good Prospect), the Kim Muir twice (Good Prospect & Broomy Bank), the Grand Annual (Pearlyman), the Ritz Club (Again The Same & Dixton House), the Sun Alliance Chase (Monsieur Le Cure) and the Cathcart (Observer Corps).
Wringing the water out of my shirt, flashes start coming to me from last night--tank tops, cut-off shorts, and lots of mustaches, all broomy and stiff evidence I tangled with SWAT.