brothel keeper

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Noun1.brothel keeper - a woman who runs a house of prostitutionbrothel keeper - a woman who runs a house of prostitution
businesswoman - a female businessperson
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Last year, the probe found no evidence that a prosecution against a brothel keeper was dropped because of threats to allege publicly that Sir Edward had been involved in sexual offences.
The energetic and wily brothel keeper, always surviving war and destruction and coming out on top, is the indestructible "Engineer", played with a wealth of nuance by the amazing richly voiced Red Concepcion, whose gorgeous, high-stepping Broadway-style American Dream stopped the show.
She can also be seen reprising the role of former brothel keeper Long Susan in the best drama on TV right now, Ripper Street.
WHERE THE ACTION PICKS UP The final chapter begins just days after Drake's grisly demise with DI Reid, surgeon Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) and his wife, the former brothel keeper "Long" Susan Hart (MyAnna Buring) determined to bring Drake's murderer to justice.
THERE is no evidence a prosecution against a brothel keeper was dropped because of threats to allege publicly that former PM Sir Edward Heath had been involved in sexual offences, an investigation has found.
The former brothel keeper, who claimed vicars, MPs and lawyers were among those who considered her "the best hostess in London", died last month at the age of 82.
A BROTHEL keeper has been ordered to pay back just a fraction of the PS500,000 he made setting up a Thai "exotic massage" parlour.
An investigation was launched earlier this week after allegations a defendant, named in reports as former brothel keeper Myra Ling-Ling Forde, had escaped prosecution after saying they would "expose" Sir Edward.
A FORMER brothel keeper at the centre of the Sir Edward Heath child sex storm has denied threatening to expose him.
As Monk and his faithful friends (distinguished lawyer Oliver Rathbone and reformed brothel keeper Squeaky Robinson among them) scour London's grimy streets and the beautiful English countryside searching for her, Hester's time, as well as the children's, is quickly draining away.
Tom also revealed his wife had no objections to last week's gritty sex scenes with actresses Aoibhinn McGinnity and Mary Murray, who play his wife Trish and brothel keeper Janet respectively.
The police help the brothel keeper even by bringing back the ones who have run away.