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1. The state or relationship of being brothers.
2. Fellowship.
3. An association of men, such as a fraternity or union, united for common purposes.
4. All the members of a profession or trade.
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1. (Genetics) the state of being related as a brother or brothers
2. an association or fellowship, such as a trade union
3. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) all persons engaged in a particular profession, trade, etc
4. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the belief, feeling, or hope that all people should regard and treat one another as equals
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(ˈbrʌð ərˌhʊd)

1. the condition or quality of being a brother or brothers.
2. the quality of being brotherly; fellowship.
3. a fraternal or trade organization.
4. all those engaged in a particular trade, profession, pursuit, etc.
5. the belief that all people should act with warmth and equality toward one another.
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 an association or guild; a profession, person, or things of like kind or interest; a fellowship. See also fraternity.
Examples: brotherhood of blood, 1860; of lofty elms, 1814; of monks and friars, 1528; of mountains, 1843; of the sons of God, 1526.
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Noun1.brotherhood - the kinship relation between a male offspring and the siblingsbrotherhood - the kinship relation between a male offspring and the siblings
family relationship, kinship, relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
2.brotherhood - people engaged in a particular occupation; "the medical fraternity"
social class, socio-economic class, stratum, class - people having the same social, economic, or educational status; "the working class"; "an emerging professional class"
brother - a male person who is a fellow member (of a fraternity or religion or other group); "none of his brothers would betray him"
sodalist - a member of a sodality
3.brotherhood - the feeling that men should treat one another like brothers
friendliness - a feeling of liking for another person; enjoyment in their company
4.brotherhood - an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employerbrotherhood - an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer; "you have to join the union in order to get a job"
organization, organisation - a group of people who work together
industrial union, vertical union - a labor union that admits all workers in a given industry irrespective of their craft
craft union - a labor union whose membership is restricted to workers in a particular craft
company union - a union of workers for a single company; a union not affiliated with a larger union
labor movement, trade union movement, labor - an organized attempt by workers to improve their status by united action (particularly via labor unions) or the leaders of this movement
I.W.W., Industrial Workers of the World, IWW - a former international labor union and radical labor movement in the United States; founded in Chicago in 1905 and dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism; its membership declined after World War I
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1. fellowship, kinship, companionship, comradeship, friendliness, camaraderie, brotherliness He believed in socialism and the brotherhood of man.
2. association, order, union, community, society, league, alliance, clan, guild, fraternity, clique, coterie a secret international brotherhood
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أخوّهرابِطَةٌ ذات هَدَفٍ مُشْتَرَك
bræîralagfélagssamtök, regla


[ˈbrʌðəhʊd] N
1.fraternidad f
the brotherhood of manla fraternidad humana
2. (= group) → hermandad f
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[ˈbrʌðərhʊd] nfraternité fbrother-in-law [ˈbrʌðərɪnlɔː] nbeau-frère m
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[ˈbrʌðəˌhʊd] nfratellanza, fraternità; (group) → confraternita
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(ˈbraðə) noun
1. the title given to a male child to describe his relationship to the other children of his parents. I have two brothers.
2. a fellow member of any group (also adjective). brother officers.
3. (plural also brethren (ˈbreθrən) ) a member of a religious group. The brothers of the order prayed together; The brethren met daily.
ˈbrotherhood noun
1. the state of being a brother. the ties of brotherhood.
2. an association of men for a certain purpose.
ˈbrother-in-lawplural ˈbrothers-in-law noun
1. the brother of one's husband or wife.
2. the husband of one's sister.
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The society to which he belonged will be sufficiently individualised for the purpose of these pages, if I call it "The Brotherhood," on the few occasions when any reference to the subject will be needed in this place.
Fixing our attention on such outside shows of similarity or difference, we lose sight of those realities by which nature, fortune, fate, or Providence has constituted for every man a brotherhood, wherein it is one great office of human wisdom to classify him.
Don Quixote did so, reining in Rocinante until his weary squire came up, who on reaching him said, "It seems to me, senor, it would be prudent in us to go and take refuge in some church, for, seeing how mauled he with whom you fought has been left, it will be no wonder if they give information of the affair to the Holy Brotherhood and arrest us, and, faith, if they do, before we come out of gaol we shall have to sweat for it."
And the avenging Fury of the gods failed not to hear him as he prayed that they might never divide their father's goods in loving brotherhood, but that war and fighting might be ever the portion of them both.'
Millais, and the three formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, in which Rossetti, whose disposition throughout his life was extremely self-assertive, or even domineering, took the lead.
All that they lacked was, the gift that descended upon the chosen disciples at Pentecost, in tongues of flame; symbolising, it would seem, not the power of speech in foreign and unknown languages, but that of addressing the whole human brotherhood in the heart's native language.
"Yes, I belong to the Brotherhood of the Freemasons," said the stranger, looking deeper and deeper into Pierre's eyes.
It gave me an intimate sense of being a member of some mystic brotherhood.
Had they won Brotherhood? Or had they learned that the law of love imposed the penalty of weakness and decay?
The gallant Perseus, a son of Jupiter, was the first whaleman; and to the eternal honor of our calling be it said, that the first whale attacked by our brotherhood was not killed with any sordid intent.
Out of the decay of self-seeking capitalism, it was held, would arise that flower of the ages, the Brotherhood of Man.
It is in stories like these that we find the keen sense of what is beautiful in nature, the sense of "man's brotherhood with bird and beast, star and flower," which has become the mark of "Celtic" literature.

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