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Characteristic of or befitting brothers; fraternal.

broth′er·li·ness n.
broth′er·ly adv.
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Anne thought she left great happiness behind her when they quitted the house; and Louisa, by whom she found herself walking, burst forth into raptures of admiration and delight on the character of the navy; their friendliness, their brotherliness, their openness, their uprightness; protesting that she was convinced of sailors having more worth and warmth than any other set of men in England; that they only knew how to live, and they only deserved to be respected and loved.
It was always his way to turn the point back upon an opponent, and he did it now, with a beaming brotherliness of face and utterance.
He has been a second Fenelon, unknown beyond the narrow limits of a country parish, and by some secret of his own has infused a spirit of brotherliness and of charity among these folk that has made them almost like one large family.
The older generation cannot sit back while the uninformed youths and some South African public officials in their quest for inordinate populism destroy what we collectively achieved over several decades of sacrifice and brotherliness.
31 (SUNA) -- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, affirmed that Sudan has through its external relations continued to observe the values of cooperation, brotherliness and neighborliness and laid the foundation of pillars of international peace and security in the region which is witnessing a state of extreme polarization and unprecedented interferences.
He prayed to the Almighty to achieve stronger reunion and more brotherliness for them, in realization of their people's aspiration for a better future where stability and prosperity prevail."
The 3 rd kid's festival was run by Expo Tag, a leader in organizing exhibitions, conferences, events and workshops in Kuwait, In partnership with UNICEF's observance of 'Universal Children's Day', the worldwide event celebrates a day dedicated for brotherliness, mutual understanding, and amusement of children all over the world.
There must be a concerted effort by all parties within the polity to grow in strength and in brotherliness. Thus, reverse apartheid, in any way or form, will only create anger, resentment and disconnect for the youth.
In a statement issued by is senior adviser on media, Femi Adesina, the president stressed that the establishment will promote brotherliness among both countries.
His presentation was lucid and clearly of a person genuinely invested in a noble concept and mission to advance brotherliness, trustworthiness, kindness and sincerity.
The name 'Akhuwat' comes from the Urdu language and means brotherliness.
The directorate stressed the importance of preservation of these religious occasions and their religious uniqueness in consolidation of the principles of cooperation and brotherliness among the Bahraini people under the national unity banner and Islamic values that reflect the lofty principles with which our Islamic heritage is teeming and derived from the values of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), his family and descendants.