brow presentation

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brow pre·sen·ta·tion

n. [delivery] presentación frontal del feto.
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The prevalence of face and brow presentation has been reported as 0.14% to 0.54% in deliveries (8).
Breech presentation is the commonest 811 (73.79%), transverse lie with shoulder presentation are 170 (15.47%), face presentation are 64 (5.82%), compound presentations are 23 (2.09%), cord presentations are 20 (1.82%) and brow presentation are 11 (1.00%).
Several years ago I prosecuted an obstetric malpractice action involving the use of a vacuum extractor on a full-term baby with a persisting brow presentation. Four plaintiff attorneys who reviewed the case before me sought unsuccessfully to establish that the fetal heart tracings demonstrated fetal distress, which should have led the delivering physician to perform a cesarean section.