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Any of various tropical American herbs of the genus Browallia in the nightshade family, cultivated for its blue, violet, or white flowers.

[New Latin Browallia, genus name, after Bishop John Browall (1707-1755), Swedish botanist.]


any plant of the Browallia genus of South American flowering plants
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Noun1.browallia - any of several herbs of the genus Browallia cultivated for their blue or violet or white flowers
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Browallia - small genus of tropical South American annuals
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The blue browallia may pleasantly surprise you with their amenability.
Browallia, Brunfelsia, Nierembergia, Petunia, Reyesia, Salpiglossis, Schwenkia, Solandra, and Triguera.
Una nueva especie del genero Browallia (Solanaceae).
19:+; Salvia tubiflora 21:1; Browallia grandiflora 21:1; Ipomoea dubia 21:2; Tropaeolum minus 27:+; Dioscorea chancayensis 27:+; Stenomesson coccineum 27:+; Spananthe paniculata 27:+; Suaeda foliosa 27:+; Drymaria paposana 27:1; Stellaria cuspidata 27:1; Luffa operculata 27:+; Heliotropium lanceolatum 27:1.
Impatiens, tuberous or wax begonias, coleus, browallia, torenia and caladiums in containers add a bright spot of color to shady glens and are ideal for dry areas where tree roots rob moisture from plants.
torito) Orchidaceae californicus Brevipalpus obovatus Browallia americana Solanaceae (=demissa) (L.
Purple-blue to rich purple flowers adorn the shrubby perennial Browallia speciosa.
In partial or full shade, grow browallia, coleus, impatiens, and semper-florens (fibrous) begonias.

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