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tr.v. brow·beat, brow·beat·en (-bēt′n), brow·beat·ing, brow·beats
To intimidate or subjugate by an overbearing manner or domineering speech; bully. See Synonyms at intimidate.

brow′beat′er n.
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One who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people:
Archaic: brave.
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A more effusive side of the champion browbeater - that of a loving father - was visibly drawn by his photographer Michael Gaffney in one interview.
He has categorised them as the 'Flirt', 'Gossip', 'Fun-Lover', 'Wallflower', 'Ice Queen', 'Playboy', 'Jack the Lad' and 'Browbeater'.
With Mars causing similar sparks to earlier in the month in its angle to Mercury, don't try to browbeat anyone with what you want, but stand up to a browbeater! Call for more advice...