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Noun1.brown cup - a variety of sclerotinia
family Sclerotiniaceae, Sclerotiniaceae - a fungus family of order Helotiales
sclerotinia - any fungus of the genus Sclerotinia; some causing brown rot diseases in plants
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John Brown Cup (senior singles): R McLemon (R Jess).
THE Clifford Brown Cup is an Anglo Welsh carp fishing competition for teams of lady anglers launched two years ago and won by England twice before this year's competition over 48 hours at Drayton Reservoir in Northamptonshire where with a home venue advantage they completed the hat trick.
I picked up the little ball ensconced in gold foil and held by a little brown cup below -- Ferrero.
| PHILADELPHIA's run in the Tom Brown Cup was ended when they lost by nine wickets to Easington.
Priory have more to play for as they wait to compete in the finals of the Leo Brown Cup and the Boro Taxis Super Cup.
Speaking after holding aloft the Admiral Brown Cup, O'Connell admitted Ireland needed to push on from winning the Six Nations and that neither last week's 29-17 win or this victory - a 23-17 success wrapped up by an Ian Madigan try - could camouflage things.
All face late fitness tests, and with an AM Brown Cup final tomorrow it wouldn't be a surprise if some were rested.
DOUBLE TOPS: Waterloo GSOB's 2nd XI completed the League and Alan Brown Cup double in the Liverpool Old Boys Second Division this season.
Lake Quinsigamond: The WPI varsity eight won the Bernie Brown Cup by beating Tufts and the Engineers placed third overall in the six-boat event.
HEAVY WOOLLEN ARL JIM BROWN CUP Round I: Ossett Trinity 6 Thornhill Trojans 34.
DUDLEY Heathens travel to Leicester tonight for the Ivor Brown Cup, in memory of the legendary rider who turned out for both Cradley and Leicester.
These teas are dark brown and give a dark reddish brown cup with an intense mellow earthy flavor; some come from very old trees and are certified organic, you need to taste and see how the leaves unfold in the pot in order to assess the quality.