brown lacewing

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Noun1.brown lacewing - small dark-colored lacewing fly
lacewing, lacewing fly - any of two families of insects with gauzy wings (Chrysopidae and Hemerobiidae); larvae feed on insect pests such as aphids
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The studied material was collected from cocoons of the brown lacewing, Notiobiella cixiiformis.
Review of the brown lacewing genus Biramus (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae: Hemerobiinae), with the description of a new species from Costa Rica and Panama.
No specimens of a previously-common pecan aphid parasitoid were detected, only an occasional green or brown lacewing was captured and no specimens were detected of several species of coccinellids, a mirid, syrphids, and an anthocorid that previously had been important predators in both pecan and crape myrtle.