brown lung

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brown′ lung′

a chronic lung disease of textile workers caused by inhalation of cotton dust and other fine fibers. Also called byssinosis.
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Exposure, according to experts, causes short-term irritation in the nose, eyes and chest and long-term damage to the lungs leading to chronic respiratory diseases like byssinosis, also called brown lung disease or 'Monday fever'.
Idiopathic Pulmonary Haemosiderosis (IPH), first described in 1851 by Virchow as 'brown lung in duration'' used to bean incidental finding at autopsy.
If slave descendants are compensated, why not compensate the heirs of the earliest cotton mill workers, 70 percent of whom died of brown lung disease?
Stevens' contempt for the law, the boycotters publicized unhealthy working conditions that led to byssinosis (brown lung disease).