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Adj.1.brownish-green - of green tinged with brown
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Its brownish-green skin and tail make the little lizard (just 4 to 12 inches long) hard for predators, like birds, snakes, and rats, to spot.
Generally, the crab is a brownish-green color, but can appear a darker brown or a deep, almost-purple black, as well.
There was a giant ball - a dark brownish-green globe, about 15ft in height, and it was rolling after him along Telegraph Road.
After that we'll put on the bird poo mask," she says, cheerily picking up a bowl of brownish-green goo (not unlike the contents of my young nephews' first nappies) and stirring it with a brush.
Those preceded the centerpiece of the Bukharian Friday night table: bakhsh, a brownish-green ploy--or rice pilaf--with cilantro leaves and chunks of lamb that was served sliced from a log and packed loosely into the ribs of a roast chicken, where the rice continued to warm.