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Adj.1.brownish-red - of dark brownish to purplish red
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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And had he needed further assurance as to the correctness of his theory he had only to cast his eyes upon the brownish-red stains that caked the stone altar and covered the floor in its immediate vicinity, or to the human skulls which grinned from countless niches in the towering walls.
Jinkee was a vision of happiness in her cherry red coat with gold buttons and brownish-red leather boots.
The cows were coloured brown or brownish-red. Many partners have been brought in to the project, one of them being an international breeding team in the Netherlands.
Often red or brownish-red spots appear on the patient's palms and soles.
Yellow or brownish-red discoloured areas between the leaf veins can indicate a magnesium deficiency.
It is a short-grain rice that cooks up to a brownish-red colour, with a chewy texture and hearty, nutty flavour.
Instead of pairing Chicken Joy with the usual gravy, the company thought of covering it in a brownish-red glaze, which is similar to a light barbecue sauce that has a sweet, tangy and peppery taste.
Breed of gundog with a soft, brownish-red coat (5,6) 17.
Boston city officials have already compromised once with the residents, agreeing to switch from bright yellow to brownish-red mats.
"Males usually have a more brownish-red coloration of that area than females do, especially when they're sexually immature," Shepherd says.
hatinne); body with brownish-red background and iridescent greenish-blue scales, forming slender, oblique, ladder-like stripes (vs.