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Adj.1.brownish-yellow - of a medium to dark brownish yellow color
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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All I could discern distinctly by the moonlight was a colourless, youthful face, meagre and sharp to look at about the cheeks and chin; large, grave, wistfully attentive eyes; nervous, uncertain lips; and light hair of a pale, brownish-yellow hue.
DSS workers' dressing sense is in sharp contrast to the RSS's cadres who wear half khaki (dull brownish-yellow colour) pants and white shirts.
Red swollen gums or brownish-yellow tartar on teeth
Coloration (Figs 53-56): Carapace low, flat, dark brown with median brownish-yellow longitudinal stripe, slightly broader in posterior part of ocular area, with two lateral yellow bands, covered with white adpressed hairs.
Juice is extracted and clarified, evaporated, crystallized and centrifuged, resulting in brownish-yellow crystals called raw sugar and molasses.
Juice is then extracted and must be clarified, evaporated, crystallized, and centrifuged, resulting in brownish-yellow crystals called "raw sugar" and molasses.
Three weeks old and barely the length of a candy bar, the gray and brownish-yellow beast already has all 64 jagged teeth, which glint like crushed glass in the tropical sun.
Coloration: Chelicerae brownish-yellow with finely reticulate infuscation on manus, becoming more intense distally; fingers brownish-yellow, not infuscated, teeth darker due to sclerotization.
Cross-sections of the tumor revealed that it was solid and brownish-yellow with multiple areas of hemorrhage and necrosis.
Digitalis laevigata, of similar height with brownish-yellow flowers showing a white lower lip.