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Any of a group of colors between red and yellow in hue that are medium to low in lightness and low to moderate in saturation.
adj. brown·er, brown·est
1. Of the color brown.
a. Having a brownish or dark skin color.
b. Often Offensive Of or being a person of nonwhite origin.
3. Deeply suntanned.
tr. & intr.v. browned, brown·ing, browns
1. To make or become brown.
2. To cook until brown.
Phrasal Verb:
brown off Chiefly British Slang
To make angry or irritated.

[Middle English, from Old English brūn; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

brown′ish adj.
brown′ness n.
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Noun1.brownness - an orange of low brightness and saturation
Vandyke brown - a moderate brown color
chestnut - the brown color of chestnuts
deep brown, umber, burnt umber, chocolate, coffee - a medium brown to dark-brown color
hazel - a shade of brown that is yellowish or reddish; it is a greenish shade of brown when used to describe the color of someone's eyes
light brown - a brown that is light but unsaturated
mocha - a dark brown color
burnt sienna, reddish brown, sepia, Venetian red, mahogany - a shade of brown with a tinge of red
caramel brown, raw sienna, yellowish brown, caramel, buff - a medium to dark tan color
puce - a color varying from dark purplish brown to dark red
olive brown - a shade of brown tinged with green
taupe - a greyish brown
References in classic literature ?
The fore-feet of the YAHOO differed from my hands in nothing else but the length of the nails, the coarseness and brownness of the palms, and the hairiness on the backs.
The wide acreage of blank agricultural brownness, apparent where the swedes had been pulled, was beginning to be striped in wales of darker brown, gradually broadening to ribands.
The uniform brownness of the harrowed field glowed with a rosy tinge, as though the powdered clods had sweated out in minute pearls of blood the toil of uncounted ploughmen.
There was a dryness about them, a brownness, a sense of oncoming decay.
Because you are forced to placate the blinded White heart, Less be trapped in a forever illogical argument An argument that drives you to the brink Othellian or McBethian madness, For as you clearly see the White spot upon the Brownness of your hands The evil lago acts as if it were not there Why are you washing your hands?
Before I delve deeper, there are many humanists who so love humanity that they empathetically acknowledge and see, in a Freirean (1993) sense, beyond my Brownness and almond-shaped eyes to recognize that I am a human being complete with rightful emotions in response to coping in a racialized society.
These citations allow Sun to enact brownness despite her peer's essentialist notions of identity.
This poem is written like a personal letter to all Black girls, who in spite of whatever hardships, have a distinctive beauty in their brownness.
Accordingly, the bleaching ads' appeals to whiteness, lightness, and brownness in the interwar era were not merely attempts to appropriate aesthetic qualities of other races, but more profoundly efforts to call forth the whiteness that lay within black bodies.