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or brown-nose (broun′nōz′)
tr.v. brown·nosed, brown·nos·ing, brown·nos·es or brown-nosed or brown-nos·ing or brown-nos·es Informal
To curry favor with in an obsequious manner; fawn on.

[From the image of an obsequious person whose nose becomes soiled with excrement in kissing the buttocks of someone from whom favor is sought.]

brown′nose′ n.
brown′nos′er n.


derogatory a person who brownnoses
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TO the set of BBC1's Through The Keyhole now, fronted by deathly-pale brownnoser SIR DAVID FROST.
North is the most floridly symptomatic of the group, identified early on by some comrades as a "hotdog" and a jockstrap-sniffer, meaning a flashy faux hero and a brownnoser.
Constructive Chatter: If you are surrounded by negative personalities--the brownnoser, gossiper, or tattler--commit to avoiding negative conversations one day a week.