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or brown-nose (broun′nōz′)
tr.v. brown·nosed, brown·nos·ing, brown·nos·es or brown-nosed or brown-nos·ing or brown-nos·es Informal
To curry favor with in an obsequious manner; fawn on.

[From the image of an obsequious person whose nose becomes soiled with excrement in kissing the buttocks of someone from whom favor is sought.]

brown′nose′ n.
brown′nos′er n.
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derogatory a person who brownnoses
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Castro is the last person to be talking about shifting loyalties because he is the quintessential brownnoser who had adroitly wormed his way into the graves of the new House leadership after similarly currying favor with the previous leadership," he said.
So what if your coworkers think you're a brownnoser? It might be a good idea to celebrate National Boss's Day this Monday.
TO the set of BBC1's Through The Keyhole now, fronted by deathly-pale brownnoser SIR DAVID FROST.