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or brown-nose (broun′nōz′)
tr.v. brown·nosed, brown·nos·ing, brown·nos·es or brown-nosed or brown-nos·ing or brown-nos·es Informal
To curry favor with in an obsequious manner; fawn on.

[From the image of an obsequious person whose nose becomes soiled with excrement in kissing the buttocks of someone from whom favor is sought.]

brown′nose′ n.
brown′nos′er n.
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or brown-nose
Informal. To support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior:
Informal: apple-polish, cotton.
Slang: suck up.
Idioms: curry favor, dance attendance, kiss someone's feet, lick someone's boots.
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Claudia, who played brownnosing DC Jodie Taylor in BBC1's Line of Duty, now plays naive nurse Lucy.
As a Filipino immigrant in the United States, I have observed this tendency of many Filipinos to be obliging and accommodating to Americans to the point of brownnosing them.
All sorts of smear campaigns, badmouthing and brownnosing are the order of the day.
This shy attitude towards Russia in recent years is the result hypocrisy and brownnosing regarding American ambitions for geopolitical hegemony," the nationalist leader concluded.