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A reduction or cutback in electric power, especially as a result of a shortage, a mechanical failure, or overuse by consumers.


1. (Electrical Engineering) a dimming or reduction in the use of electric lights in a city, esp to conserve electric power or as a defensive precaution in wartime
2. (Electrical Engineering) a temporary reduction in electrical power. Compare blackout3
3. (Computer Science) a temporary slowing down of the workings of the internet caused when too many users attempt to access it at the same time



any curtailment of electric power, esp. a voltage reduction to prevent a blackout.
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Noun1.brownout - darkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy aircraft)brownout - darkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy aircraft)
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
dark, darkness - absence of light or illumination
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WHILE millions suffer from daily brownouts, the town of Paluan in Occidental Mindoro is now completely brownout-free.
With all these COCs, PAOs being approved, in your forecast sufficient na ba ito para hindi tayo magkaroon ng brownout this coming March, April?
Participating businesses have agreed to shut off high-energy usage equipment if the need arises, to help the city avoid a blackout or brownout.
The ZAMSURECO-2 is implementing a five-hour brownout per substation while the Sultan Kudarat Electric Cooperative is implementing a five-hour brownout per feeder.
Unlike a blackout, where a failure in the electrical grid causes complete power loss to a service area, a brownout is a temporary drop in voltage.
By Moh I Sduddin/Manila In contrast to previous rotational brownout, power outages in Mindanao have worsened with daily brownout durations of eight to nine hours, particularly in Kidapawan City and North Cotabato province.
BAE Systems-UK has developed a system to help helicopter pilots see better in brownout conditions.
Can someone at Electricity and Water Authority please check our problem with the brownout in our area?
In military operations, these treacherous brownout conditions often are to blame for costly mishaps.
Additionally, BCRA frequently creates a confusing pattern of alternating brownout periods, making it more difficult to run a coherent issue campaign.
As the launch commenced, rotor wash created a powdery sand brownout around the aircraft that obscured all ground references.