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v. browsed, brows·ing, brows·es
a. To inspect something leisurely and casually: browsed through the map collection for items of interest.
b. To read something superficially by selecting passages at random: browsed through the report during lunch.
2. To look for information on the internet.
3. To feed on leaves, young shoots, and other vegetation; graze.
1. To look through or over (something) casually: browsed the newspaper; browsing the gift shops for souvenirs.
2. To read (websites) casually on the internet.
a. To nibble; crop.
b. To graze on.
1. Young twigs, leaves, and shoots that are fit for animals to eat.
2. An act of browsing.

[Probably from obsolete French broust, young shoot, from Old French brost, of Germanic origin.]

brows′a·ble (-zə-bəl) adj.


1. able to be browsed
2. designed for browsing
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A glossary and a further information section together with an index make this an excellent information source for project work as well as being a good browsable reading book.
Caption: A new Long Room will have a five-story wall of browsable book stacks and meeting rooms.
Tenders are invited for raising of plantation with non browsable species in the small vacant pathces in rg-i area during 2017-18
To offer you further opportunities to discover great content, we've added over 200 news stories to the Home screen in a browsable stream called More Headlines.
Stretch goals include exhibitions and a map-based browsable online interface.
Now, with the tag cloud embed, rcr8 provides value-added listings browsable by keywords to help increase traffic to sites and engagement while on site.
May I press the point again: the collection exists, it is already housed in a prestigious library building, it is already accessible and browsable, so why split, close or move it?
In this online guide, browsable by topic, you'll find comprehensive, authoritative information on watering, weeding, mulching, crop rotation, season extension and dozens of other tasks, all with an eye toward sustainability and efficiency.
With BrowZine, researchers can access "a browsable, newsstand-like environment" of journals, according to John Seguin, president, COO, and chief librarian at Third Iron.
Corporate Pro Bono offers browsable information on its website, and other legal departments in similar areas or industries can offer invaluable advice.
The new technology could enable users to group multiple open windows together, which are then presented in a browsable stack.
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedias are attractive, browsable overviews of fundamental science concepts.