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v. browsed, brows·ing, brows·es
a. To inspect something leisurely and casually: browsed through the map collection for items of interest.
b. To read something superficially by selecting passages at random: browsed through the report during lunch.
2. To look for information on the internet.
3. To feed on leaves, young shoots, and other vegetation; graze.
1. To look through or over (something) casually: browsed the newspaper; browsing the gift shops for souvenirs.
2. To read (websites) casually on the internet.
a. To nibble; crop.
b. To graze on.
1. Young twigs, leaves, and shoots that are fit for animals to eat.
2. An act of browsing.

[Probably from obsolete French broust, young shoot, from Old French brost, of Germanic origin.]

brows′a·ble (-zə-bəl) adj.
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1. able to be browsed
2. designed for browsing
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Additionally, the latest release includes usability enhancements to Imanis Data FastFind, including job tag listing and a browsable catalog for simple recovery.
This neat feature takes care of messy desktops by organizing files and putting all of them into easily browsable piles, which users can sort by name, date and other parameters.
When Facebook unveiled its "timeline" feature in 2011, it cheerfully framed the idea of making your entire Facebook history browsable by any new acquaintance as "chronicling your life story", illustrating the concept with a video tracking a happy couple from meeting to marrying to procreating via Facebook photos and status updates.
A glossary and a further information section together with an index make this an excellent information source for project work as well as being a good browsable reading book.
Caption: A new Long Room will have a five-story wall of browsable book stacks and meeting rooms.
The option to view an easily browsable set of 10,20, or perhaps 50 random items would often be a more informative introduction to the content of a system than the sort of puffed up, wordy blurbs that stud the database listings of every academic library website.
RILM Music Encyclopedias's browsable indexes, while not as extensive as those in, say, RILM Abstracts, are helpful in some situations, although the "human touch" applied to the indexing seems to be light at best.
Madrid: For the past seven years, in addition to the hard copy and pdf formats of its annual report, Santander has been providing an online, browsable version too, affording an interactive and pleasant way to discover the Group strategy and financial results.
As with most DK books, the layout is attractive and the book is browsable, but it leaves a few things to be desired.
The first ten stories of The Story When collection are browsable at