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Abandoned as a cub, Brrr spends much of A Lion Among Men attempting to reconcile who he thinks he is with what others think of him.
BAGUIO CITY -- The summer capital has not been getting its brrr nights as the year ends, but these are still bonfire-worthy nights for tourists.
I know, I admit--the Pacific is brrr cold, and the shoreline here is rugged, if not downright impenetrable in many places.
Brrr, it's too cold; ohhh, it's raining again; ahh, it's just too dark for me to get that job done; oh yes, and I just forgot all about it.
Before she can return to dust, however, the Cowardly Lion - an enigmatic figure named Brrr - arrives seeking knowledge about Elphaba Thropp, the Wicked Witch of the West who defended him when he was a cub.