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Pat" Callahan--"Growler" Pat, as he had been known before he ascended the bench--had begun life as a butcher boy and a bruiser of local reputation; he had gone into politics almost as soon as he had learned to talk, and had held two offices at once before he was old enough to vote.
Silverstein's hysterical sneer, "keepin' company vit a bruiser.
And I shook my fist in the paralytic face of the most brutal bruiser of his time.
The Yorkshire man had a reputation as a bruiser and preferred fighting to eating.
Sometimes, when in the newspapers I happen upon descriptions of our modern bruisers and prizefighters, I wonder what chance the best of them would have had against him.
At last, while they were all, with the exception of the two bruisers who were mauling each other, in high glee and enjoyment, they heard a trumpet sound a note so doleful that it made them all look in the direction whence the sound seemed to come.
In politics and in trade, bruisers and pirates are of better promise than talkers and clerks.
At college he pulled stroke-oar in the Christchurch boat, and had thrashed all the best bruisers of the "town.
While Bruiser is already cast, the search is on for Rufus, and it's more than a walkies-on part.
Legally Blonde The Musical features two dogs - a chihuahua called Bruiser and another called Rufus.
Though the odds of Jose falling into the lap of the KaTropa deep into the first round are far-fetched, one couldn't blame the soft-spoken bruiser for dreaming.
A LITTLE bruiser has joined the cast of a Birmingham theatre group - and may well become the star of its latest show.