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A meal typically eaten in the late morning or early afternoon as a combination of breakfast and lunch.

brunch′er n.


a person who eats brunch
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One angry bruncher said staff even told him he could take one of the animals home.
I must say here that I am not a very good bruncher.
Buffet brunchers might like to indulge in the fare at Pangaea in the Hotel Nikko, 465 S.
Put in a cool jazz guitarist on Friday nights and for Sunday brunchers, and cook some late, late breakfasts for weekend insomniacs on Saturday and Sunday mornings until 4 a.
The service, available every day except Monday, will run between 10am-7pm and is open to hotel guests and Friday brunchers.
For real gutsy brunchers, there's a 40-minute thrill ride alternative with pilot John Marshall that includes loops, rolls and such.
Other lures include a free brunch for father and for his kids or grandkids under 5 when accompanied by three paying adult buffet brunchers ($23 each) at the Sportsmen's Lodge, 12833 Ventura Blvd.
Thursday and Tuesday, and for brunchers at noon Sunday.
The service is available from 10am-6pm daily and is open to hotel guests and Friday brunchers.
In between, brunchers may sip from their refillable glass of 1988 Dom Perignon and munch their menu entree of choice: such dishes as potato-crusted Chilean seabass, banana-stuffed french toast and croissant-crusted double breast of chicken.
WE hear of a couple of West End of Glasgow Sunday brunchers that's people with hangovers and too much money to you and me who were puzzled at how long their side order of two rounds of toast was taking.
The restaurant, particularly when under previous hotel management, never really succeeded in establishing it in the hearts of the weekend crowd although the food was fabulous and the service superb, especially when it tried to lure the Friday brunchers.