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A meal typically eaten in the late morning or early afternoon as a combination of breakfast and lunch.

brunch′er n.


a person who eats brunch
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One angry bruncher said staff even told him he could take one of the animals home.
This was going to be a long, enjoyable session and, as a well-seasoned bruncher, I indulged in little helpings.
Produced by Christophe Bruncher, Laurence Berbon, Marie-Christine Birague.
I must say here that I am not a very good bruncher.
The band delivered a fun couple of sets to keep the Friday Brunchers well and truly satisfied.
Giardino is sat by the designer hotel's lagoon-like pool, which brunchers can enjoy access to.
An expansive outdoor area is the true heart of Restauration brightly patterned pillows propped in wooden booths are perfect for cheerfully hung-over brunchers pounding Rose Park coffee, and families flock in for early-bird dinners of crunchy parmesan churros.
Young brunchers can enjoy a slew of fun activities including face painting and meet and greets with famous cartoon characters.
brunchers I'm just trying to get in shape don't have any
We care a lot about what we do, and treat customers as we would want to be treated - we call them Brunchers.
In a lovely ambience flooding with sunlight, a home-inspired decor with great service, it took us by surprise that brunchers were not flocking to Market Kitchen in hordes on a Friday.
One of the restaurants, the Spice Market, is now a popular and established haunt for Doha's trendy Friday Brunchers - which we missed so can't personally comment on, but the restaurants where we had dinner each had a great atmosphere that managed to be both friendly and sophisticated at the same time.