brush against

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w>brush against

vi +prep objstreifen
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References in classic literature ?
During the entr'acte a whiff of cold air came into Helene's box, the door opened, and Anatole entered, stooping and trying not to brush against anyone.
Once, at a sharp turn where a man's shoulder would unavoidably brush against a screen of leaves, the bushman displayed great caution as he spread the leaves aside and exposed the head of a sharp-pointed spear, so set that the casual passer-by would receive at the least a nasty scratch.
The Yellow Hen happened to brush against this boy with her wing, and he flew into the air and fell into a paper tree, where he stuck until the Wizard gently pulled him out.
Some of the Chinese stood in the forward part of the cockpit, near the cabin doors, and once, as I leaned over the cockpit rail to flatten down the jib-sheet a bit, I felt some one brush against my hip pocket.
The crowd fell off, as if they had been laid out for burial, and had risen in their shrouds; and many were seen to shudder, as though they had been actually dead men, when they chanced to touch or brush against their garments.
He did not know what to do with those arms and hands, and when, to his excited vision, one arm seemed liable to brush against the books on the table, he lurched away like a frightened horse, barely missing the piano stool.
Among the other sanctions approved at that FAI EGM were 12-game bans for players or managers who "deliberately place a hand on brush against" a match official.
said "splitting the difference" typically happens when cars reverse into each other in car parks or brush against each other on a narrow street.
Even the slightest brush against a leaf can cause humans and animals blistering and pain within 15 minutes.
A slight brush against Alexander Kristoff saw him sit up with a couple of hundred metres to go, but by then Groenewegen had already gone as the LottoNL-Jumbo rider led home Quick-Step Floors' Fernando Gaviria and world champion Peter Sagan of Bora-Hansgrohe.
Having just that extra few inches of space means you don't constantly brush against the shower curtain every time you raise your arm.
He said his hands were closed and if he did brush against her chest it was "unintentional".